“Over six years ago, I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in both forearms. Over ten months and $9,000 in chiropractic, massage therapy and physical therapy fees later, I was right back where I started: in dire pain. The discomfort in both forearms was so devastating at night, I was only able to sleep 2-3 hours at a time before awaking in pain. With the lack of sleep negatively affecting my work performance and quality of life, I decided to undergo endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery. A few weeks prior to my scheduled surgery, a friend of mine, strongly recommended I consult with Jess Banda, as she had been working with him successfully for over fourteen months. After my first session with Jess, he found my carpel tunnel syndrome was only a symptom of another issue, thoracic outlet syndrome. The evening after our first session, I slept for 7 hours straight. After three sessions, my pain levels had diminished by 30%. After our fifth session, I cancelled my surgery. I am grateful for having met Jess, who not only saved me from a needless surgery and thousands of dollars in medical expenses, but was able to help me return to a pain free and productive life.”
Angela Winters, Fitness Model

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