Health, Muscle & Mercury – The facts

By Wolfgang Unsoeld

Mercury: The Worst of The Worst

1. Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive metal on the planet.

2. There is no safe level of mercury in humans.

3. Mercury shuts down your body’s ability to defend itself from heavy metal toxicity, by preventing the elimination of ALL heavy metals.

The Two Main Sources of Mercury Exposure

1. Amalgam fillings: your own and those of your mother’s

2. Vaccines

Amalgam fillings contain about 50% mercury, making it the #1 source of exposure for humans.  The main concern, is the mercury which continuously leeches out of the fillings.  This leaching of mercury vapors gases is accelerated by chewing gum, drinking hot beverages and eating acidic foods.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that mercury from amalgam fillings of pregnant women, has accumulated in the brain, kidneys and liver of their fetuses.  The mercury exposure from the mother continues after birth through breast-feeding.  It is estimated that a fetus absorbs up to 75% of the mother’s toxicity.

Thimerosal, an inorganic mercury compound, is utilized as a preservative in vaccinations and pharmaceutical products.

What About Fish?

While a valid concern, the amount of mercury found in seafood, pales in comparison to the mercury exposure from amalgam fillings.  For example, eight amalgam fillings excrete approximately 14-23 mcg of mercury with a twenty-four hour period.  Whereas a single serving of fish, contains 0.5-1.5 mcg of mercury.

Additionally, it is necessary to consider the bioavailability of the types of mercury from fish vs. amalgam fillings.

The mercury found in fish is mostly absorbed in the intestines, with an absorption rate of 7%.  However, mercury vapors from amalgam fillings has a bioavailability of 78%.

Mercury and Your Body

The human body has an innate ability to protect itself from toxic exposure.  When experiencing a toxic load, the body normally stores toxins, including mercury, in metabolically inactive tissue: body fat stores and fibrous tissue.  But for numerous reasons, such as genetics and developmental factors, toxins can spill over into organs, mainly the brain, kidneys and liver.

Additional Health Concerns:

Mercury destroys the blood brain barrier, a physical and chemical protective barrier, which prevents substances in the blood stream from entering the brain.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, one of the leading heavy metal toxicity and detoxification experts, has stated he has yet to encounter a patient diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, or Parkinson’s disease, without possessing a high level of heavy metal toxicity.

One way on which mercury depresses the immune system is by damaging heathy intestinal flora.  This disymbiosis can eventually lead to antibiotic resistance or leaky gut syndrome.

Mercury, known as the “great imitator,” is extremely difficult to diagnose, because it mimics symptoms of every disease known to man.

Mercury alters the methylation cycle, which is the “on/off switch” that enables the human body to adapt and respond to environmental changes. This cycle is the most important pathway for disease prevention.

Mercury, when stored in large quantities in muscle tissue, can leads to the development of trigger points and phantom pain.

Heavy Metal Toxicity Test

Blood, Stool, Urine: poor indicators of toxicity levels because mercury is primarily stored in bodily tissue and therefore cannot be accurately measured by blood, stool or urine testing.

Hair Analysis: a useful tool for determining the efficacy or progress of a heavy metal detoxification.  However, while there currently isn’t any heavy metal test that determine total body toxicity, hair analysis can reveal the amount of heavy metals that have ben circulating in your bloodstream approximately three months prior to testing.  Hair analysis is a valid test for acute toxicity, but not for determining total body burden.

What About the DMPS Challenge Test?

DMPS is the most commonly utilized intravenous chelation agent.  DMPS binds to heavy metals and then aids in their excretion from the body through the kidneys.  However, DMPS does has its setbacks.  Following a DMPS challenge test, the patient’s urine is collected for a twenty-four hour period and is then analyzed to determine heavy metal levels.  Issues arise however, when you realize that urine, is not the body’s preferred pathway of excreting heavy metals.  Additionally, once your kidneys are flooded with a certain level of mercury, they become inflamed, which shuts down the elimination process.  This can result in a false negative test result for heavy metals, despite carrying a toxic load.

While intravenous DMPS is one of the preferred methods of heavy metal detoxification, it mainly chelates mercury from the endothelium. And does not cross the blood brain barrier, making it ineffective for detoxifying the brain.

Mercury and Your Hormones

Your hypothalamus and pituitary glands, with their high fatty acid content, attracts lipophilic heavy metals such as mercury.  Since these organs are the main players in the endocrine system, any disruption in their functioning, will disrupt the production and functioning of all your hormones. Since both glands are located outside the blood barrier brain, they are even more vulnerable to mercury damage.

Mercury and Glutathione 

Glutathione, the “master antioxidant,” is the main antioxidant in the body.  The primary function of glutathione is protecting cells against the destructive effects of free radicals and detoxifying substances such as environmental pollutants.  Mercury, however, disrupts glutathione production, leaving individual cells defenseless, allowing it to enter the cell’s nucleus.  Once mercury enters the nucleus, cellular energy production ceases and the cell dies.

Interesting Facts

Amalgam fillings have been banned in Russia for the past twenty years, but are still utilized in the U.S.

Nigeria, possessing one of the highest rising rates of autism. One major reason is that the vaccinations used have a much higher content of the ethylmercury containing preservative thimerosal due to the climate in africa.

The highest suicide rate among medical professionals belongs to dentists, whose profession requires them to be one of the largest users of inorganic mercury.  Handling amalgam fillings, exposes dentists to mercury vapor, which explains why their mercury toxic levels average at least two times that of controls.

Thyroid issues? Mercury toxicity must be suspected, as it can induce both hyper and hypothyroidism, the difference is in the dosage.  Large dosages hyperthyroidism, while smaller dosages induce hypothyroidism by interfering with the manufacture of T4 and the conversion of T4 to T3.

Electromagnetic fields potentiate mercury toxicity.

Testosterone has a synergistic effect with mercury, helping to explain why  autism averages a 4.3:1 male-to-female ratio.

Zinc has a synergistic and potentiating effect with mercury.  Zinc should never be supplemented while undergoing a heavy metal detoxification.

Aspartame, an artificial sweetener, also potentiates the damage induced by mercury.

The Cat and Dog Story

The quote by Aristotle “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” holds especially true for heavy metal toxicity.  While individual heavy metals will wreak havoc in your body, their negative effects to your health are greatly magnified when combined together.

An excellent metaphor for the synergistic effects of heavy metals comes from Dr. Joachim Mutter from the University of Freiburg:

“Imagine you own a store which sells porcelain goods. One night, before leaving, you decide to leave your dog in the store overnight.  The next morning, when you return, you find your dog broke some items while strolling through the store.  That evening, you decide to borrow your neighbor’s cat and leave it along with your dog in the store overnight again. Guess what’s going to happen?”

The metaphor illustrates the disastrous effect multiple heavy metals, when introduced into the human body, can produce.

One often cited research study demonstrated that when rats were given LD1 (short for lethal dose 1, the dosage where 1 out of 100 rats died) of mercury, along with the LD1 of lead, produced a synergistic effect where all 100 rats died.

Mercury, Taxis, High Blood Pressure and Chronic Fatigue

Imagine a red blood cell was a taxi cab, carrying four passenger oxygen molecules, driving through the congested streets of NYC.  Now, as the oxygen molecules are taking in the tourist sights, mercury begins to invade the city.  Since mercury has a higher affinity for red blood cells than oxygen, mercury kicks the oxygen molecules out of the cab.  And to make matters worse, once mercury has made itself comfortable inside the cab, it will never leave.  Now imagine this occurring on a larger scale, to the point where all the taxis in NYC are carrying around mercury molecules.  Day after day, as oxygen molecules get displaced,  oxygen transport throughout your body diminishes.  Since the human body is an adaptive organism, it begins to  manufacture new cabs/red blood cells, however this will ultimately lead to major traffic jams in the city.  At this point, there are too many taxis on the streets, loaded with mercury passengers.  The longer this continues, the greater the odds there will be signs of chronic fatigue.  To make matters worse, the traffic jams in the streets, leads to elevated blood pressure.

The standard approach to fixing the issues of chronic fatigue and high blood pressure symptoms, is prescription medication.  However, the smart approach, is to lick the mercury molecules out of the taxis and make room for healthy, nourishing oxygen molecules.

Coming on Friday, part 2 of Health, Muscle & Mercury, where Wolfgang reveals a mercury elimination supplement protocol
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2 thoughts on “Health, Muscle & Mercury – The facts

  1. trevor says:

    i was told by my dentist ,it is more dangerous to take mercury fillings out than leave them in , what do you think

    • Trevor, it’s best to see a biological dentist to have your mercury fillings removed. For safe removal, there are a series of safety measures which must be utilizied to minimize your exposure. Use Google to search for a biological dentist near you.

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