Health, Muscle & Mercury – Elimination

By Wolfgang Unsoeld

*Consult with your health practitioner prior to implementing any supplement program*

How Do I Get Rid of It?

Heavy metals get detoxified in two phases:

1. Mobilize the heavy metals from their storage sites.

2. Eliminate them for the body.

The second phase is the most challenging, because there are numerous methods for mobilizing heavy metals, however, only a few for elimination.  Elimination is key, as just mobilizing them, will lead to their redistribution, which may lead to more severe symptoms that before.


Chlorella algae is the chief elimination agent. One reason is  its high chlorophyll content. Chlorophyll is what gives plants their green color and has a high affinity for heavy metals.  Over 80% of heavy metals get eliminated through the intestines and this is where chlorella does the main part of its job.  In the intestines, chlorella binds to toxins, preventing their mobilization to other parts of the body.  Additionally, chlorella cleanses the intestinal wall of other toxins such as mold and unhealthy gut bacteria, allowing healthy gut bacteria to flourish.


Chlorella also recycles metallothionein, a protein made in the liver, that mobilizes heavy metals.

Chlorella is the only plant source rich in methylated B12, which supports methylation and mobilizes heavy metals.

Chlorella contains magnesium malate, which chelates aluminum.

There are two forms of chlorella: pyrenoisdosa and vulgaris.  There are key differences between the two forms and having a skilled and experienced muscle testing practitioner to determine which form you need, is vital.

Chlorella vulgaris has a high affinity for lead, especially if located in the lead hotspots, which are the occipital lobe and liver.

A good starting dosage for chlorella is twenty tabs, three times daily.

Common detoxification side effects include: nausea, headaches and diarrhea.  To decrease the severity of the side effects, increase elimination by increasing the dosage of chlorella.

What Else?

Andrographis is an antiviral/microbial herb which up-regulates metallothionein production.

Homeopathics are inferior as a sole detoxifying agent, since they only mobilize heavy metals.

High levels of various forms of magnesium are required, mainly to support the liver, which is the main filtering system of the body.

Magnesium bisglycinate is preferred by the liver

Magnesium aspartate increases cell membrane health and permeability, which facilitates removal of toxins.

High levels of B vitamins and other methyl donors are required to ensure proper methylation, mobilization and excretion of heavy metals.

Modified citrus pectin (Pectasol is the only brand recommended) is one of the best sources of fiber, especially for the elimination of mercury from the microvilli of the intestines.  Other forms of fiber such as psyllium husk, rice bran, chia seeds also support detoxification.

Vitamin C, should never be taken at the same time as chlorella, as it unbinds mercury form chlorella and increases retoxification.

A high quality multi-vitamin should be taken at all times, ideally, a few weeks prior to beginning a detoxification program, to decrease the severity of side effects.  The product of choice is MuIti Intense from Charles Poliquin.

Multi Intense tablets are coated copper chlorophyllin, a form of chlorophyllin which binds to petroleum based products in the colon.

Fish oil, besides its numerous beneficial health advantages, supports detoxification by increasing microcirculation, promoting cell membrane health.

Yin R-ALA, also from Charles Poliquin, strongly supports detoxification while minimizing side effects.

Optimal extracellular electrolyte content speeds up toxin mobilization.  To achieve optimal, alkaline pH levels, consume PHyto Px, Primal Clear Ph and water with fresh lime juice.  Napping after lunch, will help as well.

A diet high in protein, healthy fats and vegetables is crucial and will minimize side effects suck as nausea, headaches and diarrhea.

Amino acids from the proteins you consume will not only support your immune system and liver, but the sulfur compounds that bind to heavy metals for excretion.

L-glutamine, aloe vera and prebiotics will ensure GI tract integrity, ensuring proper heavy metal excretion into the small and large intestines.

What about Cilantro?

If you’re typed “heavy metal detoxification” into any search engine, chances are you’ve come across numerous sources recommending cilantro.  Unfortunately, cilantro is not a chelation agent.  Its main task, is to open the blood brain barrier.  It utilized incorrectly, it will lead to a redistribution of heavy metals into the brain, increasing the risk of diseases tremendously.

The use of cilantro is recommended once the toxic body burden has been eliminated.

A Case Study

Client: Male, amateur athlete. 28 years old.   Height: 179 cm. Weight: 73.5 kg.  Body fat: 15.8%.

Complaints: Low attention span, trouble concentrating, strength plateau in the gym and poor training recovery.

Supplement protocol:

3 x 25 tablets chlorella pyrenoidosa

3 x 4 tablets Multi Intense Iron Free

8 capsules Ubermag 1E – with dinner

6 capsules Yin R-ALA – with dinner

4 tablets Metallic Detox – with breakfast for the first two weeks

1 tablespoon Omega 3 liquid – breakfast

10 capsules D3 Excellence – twice a week

Client kept his training and food the same as before the detox. He trained four times weekly, for one hour sessions.  Nutrition plan was gluten-free.  Breakfast was meat or eggs.

After eight weeks, client increased bodyweight to 79.9 kg and reduced body fat to 8.4%.

Additionally, his sleep, attention span, mental clarity and energy levels improved tremendously.

Far Infrared Saunas

Far infrared sauna therapy is extremely effective for removing mercury through the skin. It does this through the process of sweating.  Once the blood vessels dilate, allowing blood to flow to the surface of the skin, the sweat flushes toxins from the blood and is excreted through sweat glands.

Far infrared saunas have shown to penetrate skin tissue up to 3 cm.

When utilizing far infrared saunas, wipe your skin frequently to avoid re-uptake of the toxins through the skin and lungs.

Additionally, ensure to always supplement with fiber such as chlorella or Pectasol, to ensure proper excretion of heavy metals that have mobilized into the bloodstream.

Three Reasons Why Heavy Metal detoxification Make You Stronger and Leaner

1. Insulin sensitivity: Insulin receptors are made from amino acids, especially the sulfur containing amino acid cysteine. Imagine the insulin receptor as a crane in a harbor, that loads glucose from the dock – the bloodstream – and unloads it onto a ship – the muscle. Now mercury attaches to that crane and demobilizes. Which means  glucose gets transported into the muscle at a smaller rate. This will translate to difficulty in gaining lean muscle mass and reducing body fat stores, despite adhering to a low carbohydrate diet.

2. Metabolic rate: As a defense mechanism, the body reduces body temperature to reduce or slow down the toxic effect of heavy metals.  This reduction in body temperature leads to a considerable drop in metabolism.  The lower your metabolic rate, the slower your gains in the gym and in the mirror.

3. Muscle recruitment: One of mercury’s main effects of the central nervous system, is the destruction of tubulin, an integral part of the signal transmission of nerves.  In simple terms, the greater the damage mercury has produced to your nervous system, the less ability you will have in recruiting muscle fibers.

Mercury can also reduce levels of acetylcholine, the main neurotransmitter of the central nervous system and necessary for signal transmission at the neuromuscular junction – from nerve fibers to muscle fibers. Which is obviously essential for the recruitment of muscle fibers.

Number One Rule of Toxicology

You have to remove the source of the toxicity

If you have amalgam fillings, consult with a biological dentist, one who is skilled in their proper removal.

What Your Dentist Needs to Know about Heavy Metals

Amalgam fillings consist of 50% mercury

Mercury vapors evaporate daily in small dosages and accumulate in the tissue.

Mercury is the most dangerous neurotoxin known to man.

Improper removal of amalgam fillings will cause acute toxicity and side effects.

When removing amalgam fillings, detoxification remedies must be utilized pre-, intra- and post drilling.

The best agents for dealing with acute toxicity due to improper amalgam filling removal, are chlorella algae, oral DMSA and intravenous vitamin C.

Dental assistants have the highest rate infertility rates of all medical professions.

The mouth is a great mirror for your overall health. In Chinese Medicine there are 4 main areas on the body that mirror every organ and gland – the mouth is one of them. That means you have to get out the toxins of your mouth to get them out of your body.

Three Take Home Points

1. If you have a toxic heavy metal burden, detoxify

2. Every person on the planet is exposed to heavy metal toxins

3. If you have a toxic heavy metal burden, detoxify

Acknowledgments go to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, who has incorporated mercury detoxification as one of his main treatment modalities in his practice for over 25 years, with an outstanding success rate, for answering my numerous questions.   I would also like to acknowledge Dr. Dominik Nischwitz for contributing to this article.

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15 thoughts on “Health, Muscle & Mercury – Elimination

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  2. Edward says:

    Hey Coach, where would the Pectasol fit into this protocol? Should it be taken at night, without food?

  3. steve says:

    Two great articles on mercury really appreciated. Was confused over recommendation of zinc not to be supplemented during a detox period yet metalic detox contains zinc citrate. Could you clarify? Thanks

    • MultiIntense also contains some zinc. Let’s do the math, average Jane handles one Metallic Detox, average Joe 1-2 Tabs, average Musclehead 2-6, 5mg Zinc each, so 5-30mg total. One Tab MultiIntense contains 5mg each too, and Jane/Joe/Musclehead will use 9-12 per day, 45-60mg. That dose is like eating 1-2 shrimps for breakfast from a zinc supplementation standpoint. Dosage needed to replenish Zinclevels can be 10-15 times that.

      Zinc potentiates damage done by mercury, so I don’t recommend high dosages of zinc during a detox, that means no extra supplementing with zinc

      Everyone should be muscletested for proper dosages and choice of supplements, as mentioned in the article.


  4. Fay says:

    Hi Coach, When it comes to choosing your Chlorella pyrenoisdosa is there any brands that you would recommend? Also what is the per tablet dosage of the chlorella you use?

    • Depending on where you are located following websites stock high quality chlorella

      Tablets are in general the same size.

  5. Monda says:

    Hi Coach I need to remove 2 more amalgam fillings from mercury free dentist , I have alwready removed two but I wasnt aware that my dentist took them out while exposing me more to mercury and second time I remved my amalgam I was very dizzy I had to sit down. Since then my health has been very poor, but also I am struglling to find free mercury dentist that prizes are reasonable. Do you recommend any good dentist in London especially north. ? Do I have to remove and do the fillings from the same dentist?

  6. Rasmus Thomsen says:

    Awesome article as are all the others on the blog! Are there any resources on muscle testing you can recommend?

    • There are a few books available on teh sunject, but it’s best to learn from an expeienced practitioner. Send an email to my writing partner Wolfgang, his email is on the “about us” page, he’ll give you more info.

  7. Alex says:


    I was informed that Chlorella binds with the metals but is then re-digested. The metal never exit the body but simply change “location”. That is when you are able to digest the Chlorella which is nearly impossible (the “crack cell wall” method are in fact damaging the Chlorella making it lose most, if not, all its properties)

    Also, as Chlorella is binding so well with metals, you end up ingesting extra metals UNLESS your Chlorella was produced in a sealed environment with purified spring water and purified air. Problem is that, in that kind of environment, the Chlorella does not get any sun and therefore lose most of it’s chlorophyll binding properties.

    Moral of the story: it won’t kill you but it won’t detoxify you either.

    May I have your opinion backed with data?


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